Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

Episode #146 - Techstrong 55, Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Hello Everyone and welcome to Techstrong 55. Today is Tuesday, September 12th, and I am your host William Willis. In today’s show, we will hear about DevOps in banking with John Rzeszotarski from Dexcom. Then, we will hear about building a $100 Million DevOps Company with Damon Edwards from PagerDuty. Finally, we will hear about phishing-resistant and passwordless solutions with Alvina Antar from Okta.

Without further ado, let's get the show started. Enjoy.


In this Episode:


DevOps in Banking - John Rzeszotarski, Dexcom


How to Build a $100 Million DevOps Company - Damon Edwards, PagerDuty


Phishing-Resistant and Passwordless Solutions - Alvina Antar, Okta

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